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Dr. Anya Narezkina, M.D.

Dr. Narezkina graduated Summa Cum Laude from Smolensk State Medical Academy, one of the largest medical, research and educational centers in Russia. She has completed Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology fellowship training at University of California San Diego, and joined faculty there upon graduation.

Dr. Narezkina mastered the whole spectrum of cardiovascular diagnostic procedures, including echocardiography, exercise stress testing, heart catheterization with coronary angiography.

Dr. Narezkina is actively participating in research projects at UCSD. She studies viral infection of the heart (myocarditis), trying to shed the light on the ways to prevent and treat it. Dr. Narezkina is also interested in improving safety and efficacy of coronary artery stenting by using robotic-assisted techniques.

She strives to provide comprehensive and personalized medical care, as she believes that physician’s knowledge and skills are applied more effectively when brought to patients with sincere empathy and compassion.

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